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            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

            • Responsive Engineering. Collaborative Design.

              Experts in Engineering

              Experts in Engineering

              Ensign is a full-service engineering and surveying firm specializing in civil engineering, structural engineering, and land surveying. We focus on creating excellence through our professional conduct, passion for community and commitment to client success. Our core services allow us to partner with a variety of companies and communities looking to create sustainable solutions.

              Bring Your Project to Life

              Ensign Engineering specializes in bringing places and spaces to life. Our team of professionals balance project goals and community needs to engineer results that make an impact.

              Land Development

              Civil Engineering

              Ensign's civil engineering group can help you with any size project. We have good relationships with many local design review agencies and can help you get your project completed on time and within budget.

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              Structural Engineering

              Let our structural engineers help set the framework for your next project. You will be confident in your project's success, knowing the foundation was designed thoroughly and thoughtfully.

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              Land Surveying

              Ensign's surveying department works with the latest technology to provide design level topographic surveys, plats, ALTA mapping and property line adjustments, for large or small, private or public, clients.

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              Public Works

              Municipal Services

              Ensign’s Municipal Services group has the knowledge and experience to successfully complete your public works project on time and in budget. From distribution system upgrades to source upgrades, to modeling and master planning, and funding acquisition, Ensign has proven time and time again we have the team to successfully help your project come to fruition.

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              Visualize your Project

              Some projects take months if not years to complete. To help our clients visualize the process we utilize tools such as 3D renderings and timelapse drone photography. Getting a sneak peek into the future keeps our team and our clients motivated and excited about what awaits.

              • “We, at Unlimited Designs, would just like to let you know how much we enjoy working with your company. We really feel our best ideas come when we are collaborating. We want to work with innovative groups and we feel Ensign is that group that makes new ideas possible.”

                Unlimited Designs Team

                A Collaborative

                Here at Ensign we develop, support, and sustain the best employees, clients, and projects in the State of Utah. We are dedicated to a highly collaborative process and work with architects, contractors and designers to make sure things are built the right way. From weekly meetings to on-site direction, our team is there, making the most of everyone’s time and money. Learn more about our process and how we can support your project by contacting us today.

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